Rick Ross Tells Rolling Stone Why He Became a Corrections Officer

16 August, 2012 at 7:41 am

Rick Ross told “Rolling Stone” the reason why he became a corrections officer, saying it was a way of “washing his hands” after a childhood friend was got a 10-years sentence for trafficking heroin and cocaine.  He says, “This was my best friend, who I ate peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches with, and pork and beans with, my buddy, my partner, my number one dude. Suddenly I’m talking to him over federal phone calls. Hearing the way it was building, I knew I couldn’t take nothing for granted.”

Ross added, “My homey’s father was a huge influence on my life, too . . . He was the one who was like, ‘Yo, go get a job somewhere, man. Go be a fireman. Or go be a fucking corrections officer. Just go sit down somewhere.”

He also talked about the seizures he had last year, “I’m most definitely an avid user, a pothead, however you want to look at it. I call it green caviar. It’s like a short vacation – it helps me chill out. And people really love it when I chill out, because I can really be a [Jerk].”