New Movies In Theaters (1/27)

27 January, 2017 at 7:06 am

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” (R)

Milla Jovovich is back as Alice for the sixth movie in the series. She returns to the hive in Raccoon City to deploy an airborne antivirus that can supposedly destroy the T-virus.
Iain Glen from “Game of Thrones” returns as the main villain, Dr. Isaacs . . . Ali Larter is back as Claire Redfield . . . and Ruby Rose from “Orange is the New Black” joins the fight as a new character.

“A Dog’s Purpose” (PG)

Josh Gad does the voice of a dog who keeps getting reincarnated and finds his way back to the same boy. K.J. Apa . . . who plays Archie on the CW’s new “Riverdale” series . . . is the boy as a teenager, and Dennis Quaid is the boy when he’s older.
Britt Robertson from “Under the Dome” is his girlfriend. And Peggy Lipton from “The Mod Squad” and “Twin Peaks” plays her when she’s older.

“Gold” (R)

Matthew McConaughey plays a guy with a struggling mining company in the ’80s who teams up with a geologist to find a gold mine in the jungles of Indonesia. They hit the motherlode and then go up against the suits on Wall Street who all want a piece of it.
Bryce Dallas Howard plays his girlfriend and Edgar Ramirez is his partner. You’d know Edgar from the “Point Break” remake, “The Girl on the Train”, and for playing Roberto Duran in the boxing movie “Hands of Stone”.