New Movies In Theaters (6-23)

23 June, 2017 at 6:17 am

“Transformers: The Last Knight” (PG-13)

The fifth movie features Anthony Hopkins as a historian who reveals that Transformers have been a secret part of our history since the Dark Ages, where they masqueraded as a dragon instead of cars.
We also find out that there’s an ancient artifact wielded by Merlin that both Transformer factions are desperate to get their metallic hands on.
Unfortunately, Optimus Prime becomes a BAD GUY in this one. He returns to his home world, where he’s captured by his creator and coerced into redeeming himself for the devastation he caused by helping her try to save his planet . . . by destroying ours.
Mark Wahlberg returns as inventor Cade Yeager, and Josh Duhamel is back as Army Colonel Lennox. There are two new chicks joining the cast:
Nickelodeon minx Isabela Moner becomes Marky Mark’s teenage sidekick in the first half of the film, and British actress Laura Haddock is an Oxford professor who plays a central role in the ancient artifact storyline.