New Movies In Theaters (10/6)

6 October, 2017 at 6:00 am

“Blade Runner 2049” (R)

In the first movie, Harrison Ford was Rick Deckard, a cop hunting synthetic bioengineered humans called replicants. This one takes place 30 years later, and stars Ryan Gosling as a new blade runner who uncovers a secret that puts him on a quest to find Deckard.
Robin Wright plays his boss, Jared Leto is the guy whose company took over manufacturing replicants, and Dave Bautista is also in it as an escaped skin job.
The director had his friends make short films about what’s happened in the three decades since the events of the first movie . . . which took place in the “futuristic” year of 2019.

“The Mountain Between Us” (PG-13)

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are stranded on a remote snow covered mountain. They risk their lives for each other to get back to civilization once they realize no one’s going to find their plane crash because the pilot never filed a flight plan. Beau Bridges plays their pilot.

“My Little Pony: The Movie” (PG)

Emily Blunt plays a unicorn with a broken horn who crashes the ponies’ party and steals their home. As agonizingly painful as it may be to sit through a “My Little Pony” movie, at least it’s got an impressive voice cast.
Uzo Aduba from “Orange is the New Black” plays the queen. Zoe Saldana is some kind of pirate captain, Sia is a pop star pony, and Liev Schrieber and Taye Diggs are bad guys.

New Movies In Theaters (9/29)

29 September, 2017 at 6:07 am

“Flatliners” (PG-13)

Ellen Page and four other medical students take turns stopping their hearts to trigger a near death experience and get a glimpse of the afterlife. And each trip gets more dangerous as they delay their revival time . . . until they’re all haunted by visions from the other side.
Kiefer Sutherland starred in the 1990 original and he has a cameo in the remake too.
The rest of the medical students are “Vampire Diaries” minx Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna, Kiersey Clemons, and a British actor named James Norton.

“American Made” (R)

Tom Cruise is a Trans World Airlines pilot in the 1980s who becomes a drug smuggling arms dealer working for the CIA in the middle of both the Iran-Contra era, and the DEA’s clashes with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Domhnall Gleeson is his CIA handler.

“Til Death Do Us Part” (PG-13)

Annie Ilonzeh is a pregnant woman trying to escape her violent marriage to Stephen Bishop. She starts over with a new identity in another town where she falls in love with Taye Diggs. But her abusive husband eventually tracks her down, threatening her and the baby.

New Movies In Theaters (9/22)

22 September, 2017 at 6:24 am

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” (R)

Taron Egerton returns as the top agent of a secret spy organization called the Kingsman. When their headquarters is destroyed, Eggsy and his boss turn to their American allies in “Statesman” for help in tracking down the person responsible.
Julianne Moore is the leader of the drug cartel that attacks him. And Jeff Bridges leads the American spies, whose agents include Channing Tatum and Halle Berry.

“Friend Request” (R)

A horror movie starring Alycia Debnam-Carey from “Fear the Walking Dead”. She accepts an online friend request from a girl who commits suicide after being unfriended for acting like a stalker. Then the dead chick starts killing off all her other friends from the grave.

“The LEGO Ninjago Movie” (PG)

An animated flick based on the LEGO set and its 2011 TV series.
Dave Franco plays Lloyd the green ninja who rises up to fight his evil warlord father Garmadon. Jackie Chan plays his ninja trainer Master Wu, and Justin Theroux plays the evil warlord . . . who pronounces his son’s name Luh-Loyd, sort of like A-A-ron.

“Stronger” (R) (Limited)

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, the guy who inspired the country with his determination to recover from losing both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. Tatiana Maslany from “Orphan Black” is also in it as his girlfriend.

“Battle of the Sexes” (PG-13) (Limited)

Emma Stone is legendary tennis player Billie Jean King in the story about her 1973 match against Bobby Riggs. She was the top female tennis player of her time, and he was a former men’s champ and self-proclaimed male chauvinist pig. Steve Carell plays Riggs.

“Brad’s Status” (R)

Ben Stiller plays a dad whose trip to visit colleges with his son becomes an emotional crisis as he starts to consider himself a failure in comparison to all his successful college friends. Jenna Fischer plays his wife and Austin Abrams plays their son.

New in Theaters (9/8)

8 September, 2017 at 6:16 am

“It” (R)

Bill Skarsgard is Pennywise the killer clown, a demonic entity that murders little children and terrorizes them by taking the shape of whatever each child fears the most.
It’s based on the classic Stephen King novel about seven kids who call themselves the “Losers Club.” They discover the truth about Pennywise when they start looking into their town’s dark past after someone’s brother goes missing.
Stephen King says he thought Skarsgard was great, but that he has big shoes to fill since people remember the Tim Curry as Pennywise from the 1990 mini-series. You can see a side-by-side comparison of both Tim’s and Bill’s versions of Pennywise here.
In the book, the evil clown returns every 27 years to kill children. Well, the miniseries came out in 1990 . . . and the movie is coming out this year . . . exactly 27 years later.
Bill recently admitted that some of the little kids they used as extras were so terrified of him in costume that they were actually SHAKING.
But he has a great story about his first day of shooting a really intense scene with one of the older kids. In the scene, Pennywise brings the kid to tears and Bill was afraid he’d traumatized him right up until the director yelled cut.

“Home Again” (PG-13)

Reese Witherspoon is a separated, single mom who builds an unexpected new family when she meets three aspiring filmmakers, and her mom invites them to move into their L.A. guest house. Candice Bergen plays her mom.

“9/11” (R) (Limited)

Charlie Sheen plays a guy trapped in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11th. It’s based on a stage play about what happened to five people stuck in an elevator the day the towers fell.
But some people question the casting and find it offensive to the real victims of 9/11, since Charlie Sheen has been an outspoken 9/11 conspiracy theorist for YEARS.
He believes the government lied, thinks the towers’ collapse looked too much like a controlled demolition, and sent a video message to the White House in 2009 where he demanded that President Obama reopen the investigation.
Luis Guzman and Gina Gershon are trapped in the elevator with him, and Luis found it especially challenging working with Charlie, because he himself had lost friends on 9/11. Whoopi Goldberg is also in it as a WTC employee trying to help them escape.

“Rebel in the Rye” (PG-13) (Limited)

Nicholas Hoult plays author J.D. Salinger, Victor Garber is his disapproving father, and Kevin Spacey is the writing professor who pushes him to turn his short story about a guy named Holden Caulfield into the classic novel “The Catcher in the Rye”.
Lea Thompson’s daughter Zoey Deutch is also in it as Salinger’s love interest, and “American Horror Story’s” Sarah Paulson plays his agent after the book is published.

New Movies In Theaters (9/1)

1 September, 2017 at 6:17 am

“Unlocked” (R)

Noomi Rapace is a CIA agent trying to stop a biological terrorist attack on London, while still coping with the guilt of failing to prevent an attack on Paris years earlier.
Michael Douglas plays her mentor, John Malkovich is their CIA boss in the States, Toni Collette is an MI-6 agent, and Orlando Bloom is a guy Noomi catches robbing her apartment . . . who she reluctantly recruits after her mission is compromised.

“The Layover” (R)

Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario are best friends viciously competing against each during a road trip to Florida after their flight is redirected to St. Louis. A guy named Matt Barr is the stud whose rock hard abs they’re both lusting over.
Kal Penn, Molly Shannon, Rob Corddry, and “Mom’s” Matt Jones are also in it. And it’s directed shamelessly by William H. Macy.

“Tulip Fever” (R)

Alicia Vikander is an orphan forced to marry a rich and powerful merchant in 17th century Amsterdam to save herself from poverty. She then begins a passionate affair with the struggling young artist her husband hires to paint her.
Dane DeHaan plays her artistic lover, and Christoph Waltz is her husband. Judi Dench, Cara Delevingne, Kevin McKidd, and Zach Galifianakis are also in it.

New Movies In Theaters (8/25)

25 August, 2017 at 6:12 am

“Leap!” (PG)

An animated movie starring Elle Fanning as an orphan who dreams of becoming a student at a prestigious French ballet school. Carly Rae Jepsen is the woman who mentors her, and Maddie Ziegler from “Dance Moms” is her school rival.

“Birth of the Dragon” (PG-13)

A guy named Philip Ng plays Bruce Lee before he was famous. It’s about a fight Bruce had with a Shaolin monk who couldn’t stand the fact that he was teaching white people the secrets of kung fu.

“All Saints” (PG)

John Corbett plays a new pastor who resists his orders to shut down a struggling church. He meets a group of refugees from Southeast Asia, and they inspire him to turn the land into a farm to save the church.

New Movies In Theaters (8/18)

18 August, 2017 at 6:10 am

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” (R)

Samuel L. Jackson is a hitman targeted by a ruthless European dictator who wants to keep him from testifying at his trial. And Ryan Reynolds is the agent assigned to keep him alive, despite their long history of trying to kill each other.
Elodie Yung from “Daredevil” is the agent who brings them together at the safehouse, Salma Hayek plays Jackson’s foul-mouthed wife, and Gary Oldman is the bad guy.

“Logan Lucky” (PG-13)

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver play two brothers who bust Daniel Craig out of prison after they lose their jobs and decide to decide to get even by robbing the racetrack where they were doing construction.
Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Riley Keough, and Hilary Swank are also in it.

New Movies In Theaters (8/4)

4 August, 2017 at 6:31 am

“The Dark Tower” (PG-13)

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey star in this adaptation of the Stephen King novels. It’s about a guy trying to keep a sorcerer from destroying the universe by reaching the Dark Tower, which connects all the parallel worlds in the multiverse.
McConaughey’s Man in Black is the villain, and Idris Elba is the Gunslinger, the last of a line of warriors defending the tower. Dennis Haysbert is also in it as his father, and a kid named Tom Taylor plays the Gunslinger’s pseudo-apprentice Jake Chambers.
The critics aren’t being kind to the movie, but it’s got a rabid fan base of people who’ve waited YEARS for this to hit the big screen. And regardless of how hard this bombs at the box office, there’s still a “Dark Tower” TV series in the works.

“Kidnap” (R)

Halle Berry plays a mom who gets in a high speed chase after she sees her son being kidnapped from the park. She loses her phone while trying to stop the other car, so she can’t call the cops, and desperately takes things into her own hands, no matter the cost.

“Detroit” expands nationwide. (R)

Will Poulter plays a racist cop involved in the deaths of three black men and the beating of nearly a dozen other people when cops raided the Algiers Motel in response to shots being fired during the 12th Street Riot in 1967.
Hannah Murray from “Game of Thrones” and Kaitlyn Dever play two white teenagers who were sexually harassed by the cops for partying with a group of black singers. You know Kaitlyn as Tim Allen’s youngest daughter on “Last Man Standing”.
Anthony Mackie is one of the other motel guests, and John Boyega from “The Force Awakens” is a security guard the dirty cops try to frame for the murders. It’s based on true events and was directed by “Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow.

“Wind River” (R) (Limited)

Elizabeth Olsen plays an FBI agent who teams up with Jeremy Renner to investigate the murder of a girl on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. He’s a tracker for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who discovers the body in the snow while hunting.

New Movies In Theaters (7/28)

28 July, 2017 at 6:31 am

“Atomic Blonde” (R)

Charlize Theron plays an MI6 agent who’s sent into Berlin to recover a list of undercover agents. James McAvoy is the local station chief she teams up with to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.
Toby Jones and John Goodman are her handlers, and “Mummy” minx Sofia Boutella is a naughty French operative she seduces while trying to catch a double agent.

“The Emoji Movie” (PG)

In a world where each emoji only has one facial expression, T.J. Miller is an overly emotional Meh emoji named Gene who can’t control his multiple expressions.
To keep from being deleted by Maya Rudolph, he goes on the run through multiple phone apps with his best friend, a H1-5 emoji played by James Corden. They’re looking for Anna Faris, a hacker emoji that can make him “normal.”
Patrick Stewart is also in it as the Poop emoji. You might also recognize the voices of Sofia Vergara, Sean Hayes and Christina Aguilera as some of the other emojis.

“An Inconvenient Sequel” (PG) (Limited)

Al Gore returns a decade later with a follow-up documentary to “An Inconvenient Truth”. It includes archived footage from Donald Trump mocking global warming on the campaign trail, and of Barack Obama at the Climate Change Conference in Paris.

New Movies In Theaters (7/21)

21 July, 2017 at 6:13 am

“Dunkirk” (PG-13)

Christopher Nolan directs this World War II movie about 400,000 soldiers trapped by the Germans on a French beach, with enemy pilots destroying any attempt at rescue.
Kenneth Branagh is a naval officer trying to get the troops to safety, Tom Hardy is a fighter pilot defending the men on the beach from enemy planes, and Mark Rylance is a civilian boat captain who sails into the war zone to save as many people as he can.
But what’s most likely to spur YOUR young teenage daughters to see “Dunkirk” is the fact that Harry Styles from One Direction is in it as one of the stranded soldiers.

“Girls Trip” (R)

Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish take a road trip down to New Orleans for a wild weekend at the annual Essence Festival.
Mariah Carey, Common, Diddy, Ne-Yo, and the guys from Bell Biv DeVoe have cameos as themselves. And the guy who plays “Luke Cage” is also in it.

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” (PG-13)

Dane Dehaan and Cara Delevingne are intergalactic cops given a mission to board an enormous space station and prevent a disaster that would threaten centuries of peace between thousands of alien species.
It’s based on a French graphic novel. Valerian is the name of Dehaan’s character, and it’s directed by the guy who did “The Fifth Element”.
Clive Owen plays their boss, and the alien cameos include Ethan Hawke, John Goodman, Rutger Hauer, and Rihanna as a sexy shape-shifter named Bubble.

New Movies In Theaters (7/7)

7 July, 2017 at 6:00 am

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” (PG-13)

Tom Holland takes his second turn as Peter Parker, in his first stand-alone Marvel movie. He’s 21 now, but was only 19 when he did “Captain America: Civil War”.
That gives Tom an advantage in the role, since Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were in their mid to late 20s when they first played Spider-Man. They were 26 and 28. They also didn’t have the full weight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind them.
“Homecoming” takes place a few months after the events in “Civil War”, which means he’s already got his high tech suit.
Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans are both in this one.
Captain America shows up in some educational videos the high school forces their students to watch, and Jon Favreau’s character, Happy Hogan, is assigned by Tony to keep an eye on Stark Industries’ newest “intern” and serve as his point of contact.
While Peter’s trying to learn how to be a hero, Michael Keaton comes onto the scene as a new villain. He plays a character called the Vulture, who salvaged some alien tech from the first “Avengers” movie to make advanced weaponry and a flying suit.
Marisa Tomei plays Peter’s Aunt May. Stan Lee returns for his traditional cameo. And Zendaya, Donald Glover and Hannibal Burress are also in it.

“A Ghost Story” (R) (Limited)

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara are a couple separated by his death. He secretly haunts her as she grieves and learns to move on with her life without him. But in the afterlife he actually looks like a ghost in a white sheet with eye holes cut out.

“Undercover Grandpa” (PG-13) (Limited)

When his girlfriend goes missing, Dylan Everett from “Degrassi: The Next Generation” finds out his grandfather is actually a retired spy after Grandpa leaps into action. James Caan plays his granddad.
Lou Gossett Jr. and Paul Sorvino are also in it as two of the geriatric World War Two buddies Grandpa recruits to help save her.

New Movies In Theaters (6-30)

30 June, 2017 at 6:12 am

“Despicable Me 3” (PG)

Gru meets his long lost twin brother, who agrees to help steal back the world’s largest diamond from a super villain. Steve Carell is the voice of both brothers, Gru and Dru. Kristen Wiig is his spy wife Lucy . . . and “South Park’s” Trey Parker is the bad guy.

“The House” (R)

Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler panic after their daughter’s scholarship falls through and they become so desperate to earn money for her tuition that they open an illegal casino in their neighbor’s house. Nick Kroll and Jeremy Renner are also in it.

“Baby Driver” (R)

Ansel Elgort plays a getaway driver who wants to go straight after he falls for a diner waitress played by Lily James. He works for Kevin Spacey, who forces him to do one last job. Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, and Jamie Foxx are also in it.

New Movies In Theaters (6-23)

23 June, 2017 at 6:17 am

“Transformers: The Last Knight” (PG-13)

The fifth movie features Anthony Hopkins as a historian who reveals that Transformers have been a secret part of our history since the Dark Ages, where they masqueraded as a dragon instead of cars.
We also find out that there’s an ancient artifact wielded by Merlin that both Transformer factions are desperate to get their metallic hands on.
Unfortunately, Optimus Prime becomes a BAD GUY in this one. He returns to his home world, where he’s captured by his creator and coerced into redeeming himself for the devastation he caused by helping her try to save his planet . . . by destroying ours.
Mark Wahlberg returns as inventor Cade Yeager, and Josh Duhamel is back as Army Colonel Lennox. There are two new chicks joining the cast:
Nickelodeon minx Isabela Moner becomes Marky Mark’s teenage sidekick in the first half of the film, and British actress Laura Haddock is an Oxford professor who plays a central role in the ancient artifact storyline.

New Movies In Theaters (6/16)

16 June, 2017 at 6:14 am

“All Eyez on Me” (R)

Demetrius Shipp Jr. stars in the life story of Tupac Shakur. Danai Gurira from “The Walking Dead” plays his mom Afeni Shakur, and “Notorious” star Jamal Woolard plays Biggie Smalls. “Vampire Diaries” minx Kat Graham is also in it as Jada Pinkett Smith.

“Cars 3” (G)

Owen Wilson returns as Lightning McQueen, who’s beaten in his latest race by an arrogant rookie and struggles with whether or not he’s past his prime to continue racing.
Armie Hammer plays his new rival, Nathan Fillion is Lightning’s new sponsor, and Cristela Alonzo is the yellow sports car he assigns to train Lightning for his comeback.

“Rough Night” (R)

Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Zoe Kravitz play college friends who reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend. Things take a dark comedic turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper and try to cover it up.

“47 Meters Down” (PG-13

Mandy Moore and Claire Holt play two sisters trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean, after the cable holding their cage snaps and a great white shark smells blood in the water. You know Claire from “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals”.

New Movies In Theaters (6/9)

9 June, 2017 at 6:19 am

“The Mummy” (PG-13)

Tom Cruise is a mercenary who accidentally unleashes the mummy on the world after he discovers the tomb of an ancient princess who’d been buried alive. She’s played by Algerian minx Sofia Boutella, who you’d remember as Jaylah in “Star Trek Beyond”.
Annabelle Wallis from “The Tudors” is an archeological expert Cruise turns to, and Jake Johnson from “New Girl” is also in it as a fellow mercenary.
It’s the first of Universal’s new Dark Universe movies, which will rework classic monster movies into an interconnected cinematic universe like Marvel did with their superheroes.
Russell Crowe is like the Samuel L. Jackson of the Dark Universe. He’s the leader of a secret society dedicated to dealing with supernatural threats. He’s also Dr. Jekyll.
This universe will later include Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man, and Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s monster. And the next movie is “The Bride of Frankenstein” in 2019.

“Megan Leavey” (PG-13)

Kate Mara plays Megan Leavey, a Marine who bonds with a bombing sniffing dog in her K9 unit. But after they’re both injured in Iraq, she’s told the dog is too dangerous to adopt, and she has to fight the government for her right to bring him home too.
The rest of the cast includes Edie Falco as her mom, Common as her gunnery sergeant in the Marines, and “Harry Potter’s” Tom Felton as another dog handler.
It’s based on a true story, and you can see the real Corporal Leavey being honored at Yankee Stadium with her combat dog Rex in this video.

“It Comes at Night” (R)

A psychological horror movie starring Joel Edgerton and Christopher Abbott from HBO’s “Girls” as two fathers who come to blows after their families are forced to live together when a deadly virus wipes out most of New York’s population.
And things get violent once Edgerton’s paranoia drives him to suspect the other family of being infected. Riley Keough and Carmen Ejogo are also in it.

“My Cousin Rachel” (PG-13) (Limited)

Sam Claflin plots revenge against his cousin, “Mummy” minx Rachel Weisz, because he thinks she murdered his guardian. But before he can follow through with his plan, he starts to fall for her. You know Sam as Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games”.

“Beatriz at Dinner” (R) (Limited)

Salma Hayek is an immigrant stuck at an uncomfortable dinner party when her car won’t start after a massage session and her rich client insists she stay for dinner. The guests include a cutthroat real estate mogul played by John Lithgow.

“The Hero” (R) (Limited)

Sam Elliott plays an aging Western star trying to make a comeback after he’s diagnosed with cancer. Laura Prepon is a younger woman he romances, Krysten Ritter plays his daughter, and Nick Offerman plays his best friend.
Sam’s real wife, “Graduate” star Katherine Ross, is also in it as his ex-wife.

New Movies In Theaters (5/26)

26 May, 2017 at 6:43 am

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” (PG-13)

Johnny Depp is back for his fifth turn as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Javier Bardem is the bad guy. He’s a dead pirate hunter named Captain Salazar, who escapes from the Devil’s Triangle and vows revenge against Sparrow for trapping him there.
Salazar forces Captain Barbossa to help hunt Jack down, so you can expect Geoffrey Rush to steal quite a few scenes as Barbossa. Luckily, Jack gets some unexpected help from Will Turner’s son Henry . . . who’s played by Brenton Thwaites.
Henry has been searching for something called Poseidon’s Trident, because it might be the key to breaking the curse that has his dad trapped aboard the Flying Dutchman.
The trident is also their only hope against Salazar’s army of the undead, and the only person who can lead them to it is Kaya Scodelario from the “Maze Runner” movies.
Paul McCartney has a pirate cameo, and Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are finally back as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. They weren’t in the fourth movie, “On Stranger Tides”, but they came back for this one to play Henry’s parents.
The critics have been pretty harsh in their reviews, but that shouldn’t hurt its box office haul. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is still expected to make AT LEAST $80 million in the U.S. over the holiday weekend . . . and twice as much overseas.

“Baywatch” (R) (Opened Wednesday)

This remake of the ’90s TV show stars Dwayne Johnson as a veteran lifeguard who butts heads with Zac Efron . . . an Olympic swimmer who’s hired as a PR stunt.
The Rock’s got the Hoff’s role of Mitch Buchannon, and Zac is playing Matt Brody.
Priyanka Chopra from “Quantico” is the villain. She’s the new owner of a club on the beach, who they suspect of dealing drugs.
The rest of the cast includes Kelly Rohrbach as Pamela Anderson’s character, CJ Parker . . . Alexandra Daddario as Nicole Eggert’s character, Summer Quinn . . . and a minx named Ilfenesh Hadera as Alexandra Paul’s character, Stephanie Holden.
The movie also includes brief cameos from David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

New Movies In Theaters (5/19)

19 May, 2017 at 6:02 am

“Alien: Covenant” (R)

This “Alien” prequel takes place a decade after “Prometheus”. The colony ship Covenant responds to a distress signal coming from a planet where they find the unstable Prometheus android David and an army of Xenomorph aliens.
Michael Fassbender is back as David. He’s also playing the android aboard the Covenant, named Walter. James Franco has a wasted cameo as the ship’s captain, but he dies in hyper-sleep before the crew intercepts the distress signal.
Katherine Waterston from “Fantastic Beasts” plays his widow. Danny McBride, Billy Crudup, and Jussie Smollett from “Empire” are also in it.

“Everything Everything” (PG-13)

Amandla Stenberg leads a sheltered life because she’s got a severe immune deficiency, which means she’s basically allergic to EVERYTHING.
But she decides to risk the outside world after a cute boy moves in next door. You know her as Rue in “The Hunger Games”. Anika Noni Rose plays her mom.

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul” (PG) Trailer

The fourth “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie is about a road trip to celebrate Meemaw’s 90th birthday, while the kids scheme to make a detour to a video game convention.
This one has an entirely new cast, with Alicia Silverstone as the mom, Tom Everett Scott as the dad, and a kid named Jason Drucker is your new wimpy kid.

New Movies In Theaters (5/12)

12 May, 2017 at 6:16 am


A young street artist in East Los Angeles is caught between his father’s obsession with lowrider car culture, his ex-felon brother and his need for self-expression.

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” (PG-13)

Charlie Hunnam from “Sons of Anarchy” is Arthur and Jude Law is the bad guy. He plays Arthur’s uncle, the guy who stole the throne when Arthur was a kid . . . leaving him to grow up an orphan with no idea who he is until he pulls the sword from the stone.
Djimon Hounsou is Sir Bedivere, Eric Bana plays Arthur’s dad, and the chick who played the mermaid in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” is a mystical character called The Mage. The actress’ name is Astrid Berges-Frisbey, if you care.
It’s directed by “Sherlock Holmes” director Guy Ritchie, so this version is loaded with special effects and a plot that plays fast and loose with Arthurian legend.
“Game of Thrones” fans will also recognize the guy who plays Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish as the archery expert Arthur recruits to help him retake his kingdom.

“Snatched” (R)

Amy Schumer convinces her mom to go with her on an exotic vacation she was planning with her boyfriend before he dumped her. Then they have to rely on each other after they’re kidnapped. Goldie Hawn plays her mom. Wanda Sykes is also in it.

“The Wall” (R) Trailer

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and John Cena are soldiers who get pinned down by a sniper who taunts them over the radio, and nothing but a small, unstable wall for cover.

New Movies In Theaters (4/21)

21 April, 2017 at 6:03 am

“The Promise” (PG-13)

Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac are rivals who are forced to work together to survive the Armenian genocide during the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War One.
Bale’s an American journalist reporting on the war and Isaac is an Armenian competing with him for the affection of Charlotte Le Bon.

“Unforgettable” (R)

Katherine Heigl becomes psychotic when her ex-husband marries another woman, and she watches Rosario Dawson move into her old life with him and her daughter. So she sets about to destroy her life, any way she can.

“Phoenix Forgotten” (PG-13)

A sci-fi horror movie where three teenagers disappear after a UFO sighting of mysterious lights in the skies above Phoenix, Arizona. The truth is discovered 20 years later, on some unseen footage of the final hours of their trip to investigate the lights.

“Free Fire” (R)

Armie Hammer and Brie Larson try to broker a gun deal between some IRA rebels and an arms dealer in the ’70s, when everything goes to hell and they all get caught in a shootout. Sharlto Copley is the arms dealer and Cillian Murphy is the buyer.

New Movies In Theaters (4/14)

14 April, 2017 at 6:19 am

“The Fate of the Furious” (PG-13)

Dom and Letty’s honeymoon is short lived, because the eighth “Fast and Furious” movie turns Vin Diesel into a bad guy, with Dom betraying his wife and the rest of the team after he’s blackmailed into working with cyberterrorist Charlize Theron.
Scott Eastwood joins the franchise as a new team member and Kurt Russell is their government handler. Jason Statham also returns as bad guy Deckard Shaw, who the team is now forced to work with in order to try to take down Dom.
Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and Tyrese are all back, but we won’t see Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster’s characters since they retired at the end of the last movie.
And remember that feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel? Well if you pay close attention, it doesn’t even look like they shared ANY screen time together in this one.
There’s one scene where Dom steals something out of Hobbs’ overturned car while he’s inside it, but from the way it was shot it could have easily just been a stunt double.
The same goes for every other scene, because whenever Dom comes into conflict with the team, the Rock is either mysteriously absent or obscured in the background.
There are two more movies in the works, making this the first in a new trilogy. And it’s directed by Gary Gray, the guy who did “Straight Outta Compton”.

“The Lost City of Z” (PG-13)

Charlie Hunnam plays a famous British explorer who disappeared in 1925 while searching for a lost advanced civilization in the jungles of the Amazon.
Sienna Miller plays his wife, “Spider-Man’s” Tom Holland is their son, and Robert Pattinson is Charlie’s assistant on their expeditions.

“Norman” (R)

Richard Gere plays a New York “fixer” whose financial schemes never seem to work out until a guy he helped years ago becomes the Prime Minister of Israel.
Steve Buscemi, Michael Sheen, Hank Azaria, and “Beauty and the Beast” star Dan Stevens are also in it as people caught up in his convoluted plans to leverage his biggest deal ever without being overwhelmed by his newfound political influence.

“Spark: A Space Tail” (PG)

An animated movie starring Jace Norman from Nickelodeon’s “Henry Danger” as a teenage monkey trying to take his planet back from an evil overlord.
Jessica Biel is a friend training him to be a fighter, and Patrick Stewart is an old space captain who recognizes Spark’s true identity as the heir to the animated throne.