Did Kris Jenner Broker the Sale of the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape?

9 August, 2012 at 7:17 am

RadarOnline is claiming that Kris Jenner brokered the deal with Vivid Entertainment for her daughter, Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape.

A source close to the family says, “Kris was totally involved in arranging the sale of Kim’s tape,” the source told Star magazine of Kim’s on-camera tryst with then-boyfriend Ray J.

“The video already existed, and Kris was there every step of the way as a middleman brought in to market it to an adult entertainment company.”

The source adds, “I saw Kris Jenner’s signature on the contract; I believe she got somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000 for the original deal with the middleman,”

The Kardashian’s former nanny Pam Behan said, “I believe [Kris] was grooming her children for their current celebrity status their entire lives… I do believe that the success they enjoy now is what she always hoped for and wanted for them and for herself.”


Aaliyah’s Family Doesn’t Support Drake Producing her Posthumous Album

9 August, 2012 at 6:38 am


Drake just released a song titled Enough Said featuring unreleased vocals of Aaliyah, he adds “People should be really excited,” he told MuchMusic. “A lot of people thought “Enough Said” was my single. It’s not my single. It’s all off of an Aaliyah project that me and 40 are commanding.”


In the interview below Drake said that he has support from Aaliyah’s family, the label, and her management, but according to Aaliyah’s Facebook fan page, her brother stated not supporting any Aaliyah album.

“There is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.” -Rashad Haughton (regarding upcoming album release rumors),” read the Facebook post. Which was shortly followed up by, ” Do you want an AALIYAH album? If so, Who should executive produce it or be featured on it? The Haughton Family would love to hear what her FANS have to say?”

Katy Perry and John Mayer are Having “Sleepovers”

8 August, 2012 at 7:30 am

E! News is reporting that Katy Perry and John Mayer are having sleepovers at John’s house.  A source confirms to E! News that Perry, 27, and Mayer, 34, have been hanging out at Mayer’s mansion in a gated community in Los Angeles.

An insider says “She has been having sleepovers there. It is very private and they’ve been sneaking in and out. It has been going on for a while.” The insider adds, “They probably only have eyes for each other, but should these rumored lovebirds want some companionship, Mayer’s house is just down the road from E!’s own Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Hidden Hills home.”



Rihanna Dropped from Nivea Campaign for Being Too Sexy

8 August, 2012 at 7:07 am

The new CEO of Nivea Stefan Heidenreich has just dropped Rihanna from the Nivea Campaign, according to DailyMail.  He said ‘The advert starring Rihanna was a no go. I do not understand how Nivea can be brought into association with Rihanna.”  Heidenreich added: ‘Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.’

Forbes magazine said Rihanna’s Nivea sponsorship deal helped move  her to the #3 spot in their top 30 of the richest celebrities under 30 with earnings of $53million in just 12 months. The sponsorship was worth $25 million a year.

Rihanna responded by tweeting a picture of the CEO saying “No caption necessary”

Kim K Says She’s Honored Kanye Wrote ‘Perfect B**ch’ For Her

8 August, 2012 at 6:27 am

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian is honered that Kanye West wrote a song for her titled Perfect B**ch .Kim is telling friends, “I’m honored.  I love it,” adding, “I know he doesn’t mean it in a negative way when he says the word ‘bitch.'”

Kanye West tweeted “I wrote the song ‘Perfect B**ch’ about Kim,”  but later deleted it.

Kim also adds “The song talks about how he was with so many other girls but could never find the right one until he met me.”

Forbes List of Highest Paid Celeb Couples

7 August, 2012 at 7:36 am

Forbes just released its list of the highest paid celeb couples check out the list….

5. Will and Jada Smith -$40 million

4. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt -$45 million

3. David and Victoria Beckham -$54 million

2. Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen-$72 million

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z – $78 million

LL Cool J Secretly Pays for Random Ladies’ Dinner

7 August, 2012 at 6:47 am



According TMZ, LL Cool J payed for a few ladies’ dinner at Mr. Chow’s last night. He was sitting on the table next to them and they hit it off talking and laughing. When the ladies asked for they check the server told them LL had payed for their dinner.

They weren’t actresses or supermodels they were normal ladies.

Dr. Dre Working on a TV Show Pilot

7 August, 2012 at 6:28 am

FX and Dr. Dre are currently working on a script for a new hour long TV drama. The project will explore the music industry in LA and how it interacts with the city’s underground criminals. Writer Sidney Quashie and Dre will executive produce, Daniel Schnider, of Dre’s shingle Crucial TV, and Brad Bertner will be co-exec producers.


Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dancer Auditions

6 August, 2012 at 7:10 am


Justin Bieber fans can audition to be a dancer on his Believe Tour by uploading videos of themselves dancing. The deadline is August 17th.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Make a video of your dance. No rules, just show us your best moves in any style and why you’re passionate about dance.

2) Download the DS2DIO BELIEVE TOUR logo and put it in front of your video so we know to look out for it! Here’s the link:http://bit.ly/BELIEVEAUDITIONS

3) Title your video with #BELIEVETOURAUDITIONS and upload as a video response to this video.

The DEADLINE to do your video response is AUGUST 17, 2012 by 9PM PST (U.S. time). But don’t wait, the earlier you upload your video for us, the better!!!! Leggo!!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to @justinbieber and @scooterbraun for helping us change the way things are done in finding talent all around the world and being able to give possible opportunities to amazingly talented people!!!

American Idol: Nick Jonas Confirms He’s in Talks To Be a Judge

6 August, 2012 at 6:46 am

Nick Jonas has confirmed that he talking to “American Idol” about being a judge on the show. Nick tweeted, “The rumors are true. I am being considered to be a judge on ‘American Idol,’ and it would be a dram come true if it happens #NickonIdol.”



Drake is Graduating From High School this Summer

3 August, 2012 at 8:17 am

Drake announced that he will be getting his high school diploma this summer. He has topped the charts, and is a successful brand but he still wants to finish his high school degree staying, “I’m actually spending my summer graduating high school,” he told Toronto’s NOW Magazine. “That’s my main focus after OVO Fest. I only have one credit left, and I’m really excited about that.”

He will  headline the 3rd Annual OVO Festin Toronto on Sunday with guests A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and The Weeknd.

Top 10 Highest Paid DJs

3 August, 2012 at 7:38 am

Forbe’s put out the list of highest paid Djs check out the who came in at #1:

Jackson Family Update: Katherine was Tricked into Going to Tucson

3 August, 2012 at 6:57 am

Katherine Jackson filed a declaration in court stating that she was tricked into going to Tucson last month, and was blocked from speaking to her grandchildren, Paris, Prince, and Blanket.

According to TMZ, the papers state that Katherine thought she was going to New Mexico to watch her sons’ concert, but on July 14th, a doctor she thought was sent my her long time physician showed up to her house and told her it was better for her to take a plane instead. When she landed she was Tucson.

When she got to the resort,she says her phone and iPad were taken away, her in-room telephone was disconnected, and her TV was also shut off. When Katherine asked about the grandchildren, she was told “they were fine.” In fact, she says she didn’t know she had been reported missing and her grandkids were trying to contact her.


Twilight Affair Update: Kristen is Forbidden from Appearing at Rob’s “Cosmopolis” Premiere

3 August, 2012 at 6:45 am

Radaronline.com is reporting that Kristen Steward is not allowed to show up to Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis NYC movie Premiere. Security has been told to keep Kristen away from the movie premiere and the after party.  Insiders tell RadarOnline.com,  “Despite the fact Robert and Kristen have been communicating by cell phone, she will not be at the Cosmopolis New York premiere,” a source said.

“Security was briefed and they were told that Kristen is not allowed anywhere near the red carpet or the after party.

“The decision was made because Robert just doesn’t want to see her. There were fears that she could use it as a chance to talk to him in person and that sort of drama is not wanted at the premiere.”


Snopp Dogg Wants to Judge American Idol

3 August, 2012 at 6:29 am

According to TMZ, Snopp Dogg now wants to be a judge on American Idol. During an interview this week, Snoop or Snoop Lion — reportedly said, “I’ll do ‘American Idol'”

“Idol” spokesman Neil Schubert would not comment on whether Snoop was being considered to fill the empty seat.

Is Katy Perry Dating John Mayer???

2 August, 2012 at 7:36 am

Katy Perry and John Mayer were seen leaving Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood together last night.  They were seen holding hands and sneaking some kisses at dinner. Check out the video of them leaving the hotel below…Thank you TMZ

Twilight Affair Update: Rob is Hiding Out in Ojai, CA

2 August, 2012 at 7:11 am

Robert Pattinson is hiding out at Reese Witherspoon’s Ranch in Ojai, California. Robert and Reese both starred in “Water for Elephants” and as soon as Kristen Steward cheating pics were released, Reese offered him to stay at her ranch (US Weekly). Reese and here husband use the ranch as a vacation spot. RadarOnline.com is reporting that Rob and Kristen are speaking again. A source says, “Rob just isn’t going to be able to get beyond the cheating, one time or not.”

Rob and Kristen will have to come to some kind of agreement soon, because the last “Twilight” movies will be released in November, and there will be a lot of promotional events they will have to interact in.

Jackson Family Update: Jermaine Wants Peace

2 August, 2012 at 6:49 am

Jermaine Jackson issued a statement recently saying he wants peace and said , “Enough has become enough.”

“Yesterday, I had a phone call with my son Jaafar that broke my heart. He asked, ‘Is it true that we cannot visit grandmother’s house as a family anymore?'” Jermaine said. “After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael’s words about love not war. In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive-branch. Accordingly, I rescind my signature from the letter which was sent to the estate, and which should never have gone public.”

He adds that “the way to address such matters is through the proper channels and via a private dialogue, not public conflict.”

He wants the family to resolve problems privately by saying, “Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly-charged emotional environment,” he adds. “It is time for us all to draw a line in the same and move towards peace, cooperation, love and healing. I truly hope that we can find it in our heats to do so. Because above and beyond anything else, what matters…is family.”

Snoop Dogg Changes His Name to Snoop Lion

1 August, 2012 at 6:39 am

On Monday Snoop Dogg issued a press conference to announce that he will officially change his name to Snoop Lion for his new reggae album Reincarnated“La La La,”  is the first single from Reincarnated, listen to it below, was the track that finally convinced Dr. Dre that Snoop was serious about the album.

Snoop told MTV News, “He would see me come to rehearsals with all of my Rastafari, my gear, my hair, my look. He was just peeping me out, and I let him know I was doing a reggae project and working on the album and whatnot, but he didn’t really understand it until ‘La La La’ came out.”

Snoop admitted he was tired of rap and just wanted to try something else. He went to visit Jamaica, after the blessing  from Bob Marley’s family and  he recorded the new LP after he got a blessing. He added “Now he understands that I’m fully with it and I’m all in it to win it,” Snoop said that Dre. “So he gets it, and I got his support. He just didn’t understand it because I didn’t explain it to him. I wasn’t tryna keep it a secret; it just wasn’t time to unveil until now.”


Get More: Snoop Dogg, Music News

Top 20 Richest Rappers Alive

31 July, 2012 at 7:43 am

CelebrityNetWorth.com released a list of The 20 Richest Rappers Alive. Most of the rappers on the list made more money in outside ventures than they did in music. This includes clothing lines, sponsorships, investments, and owning their own record labels. Here is the list and the estimated net worth.


20. Rick Ross – Net Worth  $25 Million
19. Tie between T-Pain and T.I – Net Worth $30 Million
18. Nelly – Net Worth $55 Million
17.  Busta Rhymes – Net Worth $60 Million
16. Ludacris – Net Worth $65 Million
15.  Beastie Boys – Net Worth $75 Million Each
14. Timbaland – Net Worth $75 Million
13.  Pharrell Williams – Net Worth $77.5 Million
12.  Tie between LL Cool J and Akon – Net Worth $80 Million
11.  Kanye West – Net Worth $90 Million
10.  Lil Wayne – Net Worth $95 Million
09.  Ice Cube – Net Worth $100 Million
08.  Snoop Dogg – Net Worth $110 Million
07.  Birdman – Net Worth $115 Million
06.  Eminem – Net Worth $120 Million
05.  50 Cent – Net Worth $250 Million
04.  Dr. Dre – Net Worth $260 Million
03.  Master P – Net Worth $350 Million
02.  Jay-Z – Net Worth $475 Million
01.  Diddy – Net Worth $500 Million